Thierry Suzan is a French journalist, photographer, writer and lecturer. After studying history and obtaining a degree in journalism, he travelled the world for major national and international magazines, including National Geographic, GEO and the New York Times. His writing and powerful images, evoking people, animals and landscapes from around the world, combine the beauty of the planet with the intelligence of discovery.


A great nature photographer, he has published two reference books: Vertige Polaire (Editions de La Martinitère, 2015) and Peninsula, a monograph on Antarctica wich is published by National Geographic in 2019. The prestigious American institution has thus included him in the small circle of photographers whose work is showcased in a separate and entire publication.


Thierry is also the author of Beauty will save the world (Editions Prisma-GEO, 2017) and La Poesia dei Ghiacci (TC Italiano, 2018).


During the International Conference on Climate (COP21) in 2015, he was invited to exhibit the world’s largest photograph (1,200 m2 in surface area), which was taken in Antarctica and covered the arched glass roof of the Strasbourg train station.


Thierry Suzan is known as a photographer as the time catcher. He excels at seizing glimpses of eternity at lightning speed. He has turned this exceptional instinct into the distinctive pattern of a unique and recognizable work.




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